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Our Mission

Harvest uses values-based financial planning to build a comprehensive plan that accurately reflects your current needs and future goals.  Together, we will establish a series of solutions based on those core values, so that your money will support your life decisions. From education, to career, to family, to travel - Harvest Wealth Management is on a mission to advance your personal and financial well being.

Money won’t make life decisions for you - but it can position you to make better decisions moving forward. Our mission is to provide you with supportive resources and customized planning solutions so that you can focus on making great decisions and living a life of importance.

Harvest partners with our clients to assess their current financial situation; set reasonable, meaningful financial goals; craft financial plans to achieve those goals; and review and revise their financial strategies.

At Harvest Wealth Management, we:

  • Value relationships with our clients
  • Pay attention to what is said and not said
  • Listen first, and communicate second.
  • Work with a purposefully chosen small, select group of ideal clients
  • Provide continual client education via seminars and special events
  • Utilize our strengths as a financial advisor to implement the selected plan for each client
  • Build the client/advisor relationship on trust and by always putting the client’s interest first
  • Provide our clients with the highest quality information, services, and resources
  • Share in the core values of Cambridge, our Broker/Dealer, of: Integrity, Commitment, Flexibility and Kindness