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At Harvest, we will engage with you in the process of assessing your current financial situation, identifying attainable financial goals, implementing strategies to fulfill those goals, and assessing progress towards achieving your goals. We will make this process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you, and continue to be available to address any questions or concerns you have along the way. We value long lasting relationships with our clients, continually putting our clients’ best interests first.

Harvest uses values-based financial planning to build a comprehensive plan that accurately reflects your current needs and future goals.  Together, we will establish a series of solutions based on those core values, so that your money will support your life decisions. From education, to career, to family, to travel - Harvest Wealth Management is on a mission to advance your personal and financial well being.

At Harvest Wealth Management, we:

  • Value relationships with our clients
  • Pay attention to what is said and not said
  • Listen first, and communicate second.
  • Work with a purposefully chosen small, select group of ideal clients
  • Provide continual client education via seminars and special events
  • Utilize our strengths as a financial advisor to implement the selected plan for each client
  • Build the client/advisor relationship on trust and by always putting the client’s interest first
  • Provide our clients with the highest quality information, services, and resources
  • Share in the core values of LPL, our Broker/Dealer, of: Integrity, Commitment, Flexibility and Kindness
How We Work

How We Work

Prompt, responsive, and personalized. Your financial outlook is as unique as you are, and your financial plan should follow suit. At Harvest Wealth Management, we are committed to providing you with clarity in all areas of your personal finances. Working with you through life’s many stages, our firm offers comprehensive services that will address your concerns today, and position you for a financially stable tomorrow. Whether you need financial planning, investment advice, insurance, or tax preparation - Harvest Wealth Management can help.

Our Approach

Our Approach

You have a snapshot of your current finances. A less-than-detailed picture of where you stand today, and a vision in your head of where you hope to end up in the future. Harvest Wealth Management will take you through an intuitive process that will transform your fuzzy snapshot into a visual masterpiece. Organizing your priorities and outlining your vision of success, we will work alongside you to get the most out of the life you have worked so hard to create.

Your financial life is a very intimate and personal part of who you are. Not only do we realize this, but we honor it by upholding the highest degree of integrity and compassion. During our initial conversations, we will invite you to share the details of your financial life with us so that we may better serve your objectives moving forward.

As a firm, our approach is comprehensive and customized. Where you stand today has a major impact on where you will be tomorrow. Our team will position you to align your financial goals with your personal values. The future is bright and full of promise. Whether you are just graduating college, starting a family, or nearing retirement - Harvest Wealth Management strives to be the partner you can trust.

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